3 quick tips to improve your photos today (no training required)

3 quick tips to improve your photos today (no training required)

I know you are busy. I am too! Learning photography takes time and dedication, but I wanted to share a few basic tips that will likely improve the quality of your photos immediately, without you needing to invest time studying or practicing. Here they are:

1. Clean your lens -  I know this sounds elementary, but given that Smartphone users check their phones 150 times per day on average, it is very likely that you will put your fingers on it at some point. You don't need anything fancy: just clean it with a dry cloth or your T-shirt.

2. Avoid digital zoom - Unless you use a Pureview camera (like I do), you should avoid using the zoom function of your camera phone. As resolutions increase, this becomes less of an issue, but keep in mind that whenever you zoom in you are throwing pixels away. Instead, use your feet and get closer to the subject whenever possible.

Image courtesy of  Digital Trends .

Image courtesy of Digital Trends.

3. Stay still and hold your phone steady - Avoid blurred pictures by taking your time to take the picture. Stop for a second, stand still, hold your phone steady (preferably with your 2 hands) and you will likely get sharper photos. This becomes essential in low light situations.

Image courtesy of   Macstories  .

Image courtesy of Macstories.

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